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District Administration Magazine Discusses the Impact of White House Week
in the Classroom
December 2008

District Administration Magazine just published an article online, which will also run in the December issue, about White House Week. The article speaks to how the in-depth programming will give a chance to teachers to show their class the White House behind the velvet ropes. The article mentions educational resources and tools that C-SPAN will provide through C-SPAN Classroom.
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Reader's Digest Chats with Mark Farkas about White House Week
November 18

In his blog, Carl M. Cannon published an in-depth interview with Mark Farkas, the producer of The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home and the unprecedented access C-SPAN gained to show America some rarely-before-seen parts of the building.
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The White House on the Today Show
November 10

The Today Show's segment on the White House transition of First Families featured clips from C-SPAN's The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home at length and talked about how White House Week will offer rarely-seen footage of the White House.
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Jay Leno promotes C-SPAN's White House Week During Monologue
November 6

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno presented C-SPAN's White House Week promo video with a twist.
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Washington Post covers the transition and C-SPAN's The White House
November 3

C-SPAN's upcoming documentary The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home, which kicks off White House Week on December 14 at 9pm, was featured in a Washington Post article about the Bushes' departure from the White House.
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Johanna Neumann of LA Times blogs about the President Bush interview from C-SPAN's White House Week
October 31

LA Times blog "Countdown to Crawford" covered C-SPAN's White House Week with excerpts from the President Bush interview during which he discusses leaving the White House.
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The audio blog features Mark Farkas
October 30 posted an interview with Mark Farkas that originally appeared on C-SPAN's Q&A. During the interview, Farkas spoke about the making of White House Week's feature documentary, The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home, as a result of unprecedented access he was granted by the White House.
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